Ikusasa Water provides tailored, innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions for potable water production including:

  • construction of new treatment plants
  • optimising performance of existing plants

Our  products are delivered by a team of chemists, engineers, water specialists, process controllers, artisans and administrative support staff highly skilled in:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Research and development
  • Plant operation

Ikusasa Water works closely with leading academic and research institutions to ensure that our products employ modern state of the art technology.

We offer a range of high quality, fit for purpose equipment and services that includes:

  • Membrane separation
  • Coagulation, flocculation and settling
  • Media filtration
  • Adsorption ( GAC, PAC )
  • Water stability and corrosion prevention
  • Disinfection




Ikusasa Water, a division of Ikusasa Chemicals, came into being in 2008 through the vision of a group of researchers associated with Stellenbosch University and the Water Research Commission.  They shared a collective passion for developing products that were uniquely appropriate for African conditions. The company acquired technology to produce a capillary ultrafiltration membrane and a pilot plant was commissioned in our factory in Somerset West to pioneer this process in South Africa. For economic reasons this has to date not been commercialised, but it has given us the benefit of great expertise in the performance of various membranes and particularly their suitability for local conditions.

Ikusasa Water Plants:

The design and fabrication of water treatment plants to incorporate our membranes was a logical development for Ikusasa. Membranes are not an exclusive or universal technology for all water treatment situations so we have developed a parallel competence in other filtration or chemical purification alternatives. This means that we are able to offer the most appropriate treatment regime for any situation.
Our range includes mobile, packaged ( prefabricated ) or plants assembled on site in a range of size options. Where possible we try to incorporate the trend toward micro filtration in most of our design proposals: apart from ease of operation this usually offers the added benefit of easy up scalability.

Our value proposition focuses on reliability engineered into our products and through the support structure that we have developed. Where possible we strongly incorporate green technologies in keeping with the leading role that South Africa is expected to play in this growing space.

Our commitment to our customers and stakeholders also embraces these strategic drivers:

  • Skills training and development: we have a high skills set within the company and we acknowledge and commit to share and cascade this.
  • Job creation: to use our inherent capabilities to assist our partners to build capacity threatened by skills shortages.
  • Service delivery: the design, size and operational support package options offered by our plants allow the prospect of greatly assisting the role out of our continents challenge: to make reliable water available in remote regions or wherever it is needed.

Finally, our vision: we believe that water in disposable plastic containers and shipped over large distances has a very negative carbon footprint. Think:

  • the package
  • the transport
  • the disposal
  • the litter potential

We can see a possibility where anybody who opens a tap connected to one of our plants may be assured of the best quality water all of the time. No need for a bottle, just turn on the tap: and the people and the planet are the ultimate winners!




Our Services

Ikusasa Water provides a comprehensive range of services to meet most water treatment needs:


Product Showcase

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Regional water authority<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> River<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Colour / turbidity removal<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> Initially .8 Ml / day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 6 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br>uprated July 2012 > 1.1 Ml / d<br>uprated July 2013 > 1.5 Ml / d<br>target uprating        > 4 Ml / d<br>( within existing structure )</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Large ultrafiltration

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Holiday resort (coastal)<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> Well points<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Desalination<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 450Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 3 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br> February 2010 </div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Reverse osmosis

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> District Municipality<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> Varied according to situation<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Various emergency<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 120Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 6 weeks from order<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br> November 2009</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Ultrafiltration, fully self contained

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Local municipality, rural<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> Stream<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Colour / turbidity removal<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 20Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 2 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br>December 2010</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>


<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Local municipality<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> River<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Colour / turbidity removal<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 120Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 3 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br>August 2012</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Floc pretreatment/ ultrafiltration

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> High technology innovation company<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> Municipal water<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> produce high purity process water<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 1 Kl/ hour<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 6 weeks<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br> August 2012</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Reverse osmosis with carbon and IEX

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Foreign donor agency, African state<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> Lake / surface water<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Colour / turbidity removal<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 100Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 3 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br> March 2013</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Floc pretreatment / ultrafiltration/skid mounted

<div style='float:left;width:50%;'><strong>Client:</strong> Foreign donor agency for rural deployment<br><strong>Raw water source:</strong> River<br><strong>Treatment:</strong> Ultrafiltration<br><strong>Capacity:</strong> 60Kl/day<br><strong>Project duration:</strong> 2 months<br></div><div style='float:right;'><strong>Completion:</strong><br>April 2013</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>

Ultrafiltration/solar powered/telemetrically monitored


  • A full range of water treatment chemicals including flocculants, disinfectants, filtration aids, pH adjustment
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Ikusasa Chemicals manufactures and has the capacity to manufacture a range of chemical products for water treatment and various other industrial applications. Please contact us if you require further information in this regard.


Contacts Us

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Physical address:  Fish Eagle Park, Unit 1, Old Paardevlei Road, Somerset West, South Africa 
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